Colour Coating

The Process

To ensure the highest quality results our attention to detail starts at the beginning.

All goods are prepped by hand and meticulously checked for any flaws in the base material.

The goods are then degreased and sandblasted to remove any residue that could affect the overall finish whilst aiding in the paint’s adhesion to the surface material.

If items cannot be sandblasted due to moving or oiled parts, they are hand rubbed with abrasive pads and 2-pac etch is applied to ensure the best adhesion possible.

Once sprayed with our hardwearing paint the goods can be transferred to the oven for baking at around 80 degrees to cure the paint, making it hard enough to handle and wrap.

The paints are a 2-pac system which when mixed will cure to fully hard in approximately 4-5 days.

Bronze Imitation Paints

Our paints can beautifully recreate natural metal aging processes in a more durable finish, mimicking patination or oxidization techniques like antique bronze or Verdigris.

We can also mimic real metal finishes in paint like satin brass, as well as antique brass through a two-toned painting process.

Through our extensive range of L number paints we are confident we can find a colour to match your sample.

Verdigris is the beautiful turquoise patina that occurs when bronze, brass, or copper is weathered over time. We can replicate various natural oxidising processes like this in a more hardwearing paint finish.

We can recreate textured finishes in paint to simulate a cast effect as well as multi-toned materials.

Need to match an existing colour?

Send us a sample or colour reference and we can match any RAL colour using the most hardwearing paint on the market.

Antibacterial Coating

We offer a clear antimicrobial lacquer that can be sprayed on any material to offer long term protection to surfaces.

We can also introduce the new "silver guard" additive to paint during the colour coating process to give your goods protection without changing the overall aesthetic in all gloss levels including matte.


Speedy Turnaround Times

Spraying all our goods inhouse means we have flexible control over production, allowing us to provide quick and efficient turnaround times when refinishing your goods.


We offer our own unique and ever-expanding range of bronze paint colours that imitate real metal and chemical bronze finishes. We can match to samples if needed and are also happy to supply swatches for approval to ensure complete customer satisfaction.